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Attend & Earn Certificates for Lecture Series




A) ** Certificate of Completion - Global Lecture Hall Series

(One series of lectures. Can be gained in any of the four “streams” or topic areas)



Attend each lecture and Open Forum of the series (there will normally be 3 or 4 per series).  You are permitted to miss one. If you miss more than one, you’re on the honor system to listen to the recording link which you’ll receive the next day)



For each lecture you attend, please take notes or be prepared to participate in at least one of the following ways…


1. IN THE OPEN FORUM FOLLOWING THE LECTURE (30 minutes): Raise Hand to make a live comment or pose a question when called on by Jim. We hope to have small groups of attendees join Jim on screen to create a conversation.


2. Enter comment in the Chat Box and “Send to all panelists” (Jim)” anytime during the lecture or forum. This will be addressed by Jim if possible. Chat will also be saved for Jim to review later.


3. Enter your question in “Q&A” and Jim will try to answer live during the Open Forum

4. Participate actively in the ATTENDEES FORUM on this website. Each week of the series we'll post a QUESTION in the Forum and ask that you add your response, comment, and/or insights. ** NOTE: You need to become a website member (free) to add forum posts (a security feature). Click MEMBERS on the menu and SIGN UP or LOG IN  using your Facebook or google account. You can also choose a password as usual. Once you log in, go to the FORUM page via the site menu, then read the post question and respond.


B) *** Global Lecture Hall Course of Study Certificate

Complete at least one series in EACH stream in the course of a year

At least 2 series in each stream will be offered each year


ATTENDANCE & PARTICIPATION requirements are the same as above

Application for Certificate of Completion
Program (A)
Your Organization (if applicable)
Select THEME Area for Certificate (all that apply)
Select Series Title (all that apply)
Also Apply to Program B

Thanks for submitting!

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