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PANDEMIC ~ $8.99

Black Swan Event or the New Normal?


Three 90 Minute Lectures in this Series

CoronaVirus and COVID-19 are everywhere now, despite wishful thinking, political obfuscation, and online conspiracy nonsense. We won’t know for some time just what the final trajectory of the virus and the disease will be, but we know now that it’s a nightmare for which the world was largely unprepared. This workshop will take up a number of vital questions. First, and perhaps most important is this: was the current crisis, which is having almost unimaginable impact, simply impossible to predict (what is often termed a “black swan” event), or was there good reason to expect it? Second, are future pandemics unlikely or certain, or something in between? Third: what have we learned and what are we most likely to learn, about the global spread of contagion, about health care, about politics, about the U.S. government, and about the human community?


Facebook, Social Media, and Election 2020 ~ $8.99

Why Worry?


Three 90 Minute Lectures in this Series

This window is under construction. The videos will be available for purchase (or free for attendees, for four weeks after the end of the class) very soon. We now know a great deal about the ways in which social media platforms were used by foreign and domestic “bad actors” to manipulate and distort the 2016 electoral process and inflict lasting damage on our body politic. What should we expect in the 2020 cycle? Is Mark Zuckerberg, for example, taking steps to address the problem of dishonest and even destructive political posts? And how has the Trump administration responded to the overwhelming evidence of sinister Russian interference? Is there any good news to report? Join Jim and find out.


Jim Kenney 

Jim Kenney

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