Physics, Evolution, Archaeology 


How does the world work? The cosmos? And how much can we know? These courses – designed from the perspective of the humanities, rather than that of the hard sciences – will take up those questions in creative and challenging ways. In a period plagued by science denial, you’ll find some solid ground in these inquiries. (What follows is a listing of sample future lectures.)


  • The Scientific Revolution 

  • Quantum Mechanics and Relativity Theory: Reconciliation? 

  • Theories, Facts, and Faith: the Roots of Science Denial

  • What Darwin Never Knew

  • At the Edge or Order: Chaos and Complexity

  • The Tao of Physics Revisited

  • The Rise of the Humans 

Most Recent
Science Series

Our Home in the Universe
An unforgettable experience of our world of wonders...filled with intriguing questions, compelling insights, and delightful mysteries... The humanities gaze through the windows of science! (March 20-April 10, 1:00-2:30 CST)
Mar 20, 1:00 PM CDT – Apr 10, 2:30 PM CDT