Life in Society:

Culture,Politics, History 

What is society? How is it shaped by culture and politics (and how does it shape them in return)? What role does history play in these processes? This domain ranges from the historical through the socio-political to the conjectural, bringing together a wide assortment of topics that will engage students of the complexities of human interaction. (What follows is a listing of sample future lectures.)


  • The Madness of White Supremacy and the Myth of Race

  • Introduction to the World’s Languages

  • Trails West: the American Frontier

  • Populism and Nationalism: Whose Voice?

  • Genghis Khan—The Empire is Born

  • The U.S.—the Long North-South Divide

  • The Mysterious History of Secret Societies 

Our Next Series!

From Cultural Decay to Cultural Convergence
This series of interconnected but self-contained lectures will identify the problems facing the U.S. at this critical time, assess the dangers, put them in historical and regional context,  and point a way forward.
Jan 09, 1:00 PM CST – Jan 30, 2:15 PM CST
Global Lecture Hall (Zoom)


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