February 2022
Dear Friends:

Welcome to the Global Lecture Hall, a center for creative online inquiry and community-building. In this challenging time, the spirit and vision that shaped Common Ground over almost forty-five years as an unparalleled learning center in the Chicago area seems more necessary than ever.


This website is your gateway to a growing series of timely and fascinating online workshops, lectures, and panel discussions offered on ZOOM. Here, you’ll find information about upcoming programs, recordings of past presentations, and access to paid registration.

The GLH website includes:

  • A map of our offerings in four thematic areas:

    • Sea Change: Cultural Evolution

    • Life in Society: Culture, Politics, History

    • Science: Physics, Evolution, Archaeology 

    • Inner Life: Religion, Philosophy, Spirituality

  • A Resource Library of support materials and useful links

  • An "All Series" library of recorded past programs, accessible for a small fee.

Recently, we've added another heading under "Themes." 

"Pivot Point" will offer occasional short series (usually 2 weeks) on emerging topics that are urgent and/or fascinating enough to merit a quick exploration. Our first Pivot was "Crisis in Ukraine—Putin's Gambit," which proved sadly prescient. 

Remember, recordings of all our past series are available for purchase.(Click here to go to the "All Series" page to purchase access to any past series for just $8.99).

We’re very grateful to those that have already offered financial support. Your donations are not tax-deductible but they are very important and greatly appreciated.