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PANDEMIC ~ $8.99

Black Swan Event or the New Normal?


Three 90-Minute Lectures in this Series

CoronaVirus and COVID-19 are everywhere now, despite wishful thinking, political obfuscation, and online conspiracy nonsense. We won’t know for some time just what the final trajectory of the virus and the disease will be, but we know now that it’s a nightmare for which the world was largely unprepared. This workshop will take up a number of vital questions. First, and perhaps most important is this: was the current crisis, which is having almost unimaginable impact, simply impossible to predict (what is often termed a “black swan” event), or was there good reason to expect it? Second, are future pandemics unlikely or certain, or something in between? Third: what have we learned and what are we most likely to learn, about the global spread of contagion, about health care, about politics, about the U.S. government, and about the human community?


Facebook, Social Media, and Election 2020 ~ $8.99

Why Worry?


Three 90-Minute Lectures in this Series

We now know a great deal about the ways in which social media platforms were used by foreign and domestic “bad actors” to manipulate and distort the 2016 electoral process and inflict lasting damage on our body politic. What should we expect in the 2020 cycle? Is Mark Zuckerberg, for example, taking steps to address the problem of dishonest and even destructive political posts? And how has the Trump administration responded to the overwhelming evidence of sinister Russian interference? Is there any good news to report? Join Jim and find out.

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Why We're Not Really Living in a Post-Truth World ~ $8.99


Three 90-Minute Lectures in this Series

At times it seems that the “age of truth" must surely be past. Historically, philosophically, and scientifically grounded understandings of the world seem to have given way to populist fabrication, paranoid conspiracy theory, and science-denying credulity. But perhaps Shakespeare was right after all and “the truth will out.” In this intriguing and very timely workshop, we’ll discover that xenophobic populism, ignorant science-bashing, and bizarre conspiracy-mongering are not harbingers of the future but ultimately futile forms of angry backlash against the natural maturing of human culture. They are, in other words, very shallowly-rooted and unlikely to endure. Join us to learn why. 


Deepening Your

Spiritual Path ~ $8.99


Four 60-Minute Lectures in this Series

How does one shape a personally meaningful spiritual path? How might I deepen a path already broadly-explored? It’s a topic that Jim has reflected on for many years. In this special series, he’ll discuss the differences between spirituality and religion, explore what it means to be “SBNR,” spiritual but not religious, and discuss three essential chapters that should have a place in every spiritual primer: Clarification, Centering, and Compassionate Service. These slide / lectures will draw widely from the world’s great spiritual traditions, consider the challenges of “pluralism,” and offer a hint of some of the riches of “interspirituality.” This class is for the long-time spiritual seeker as well as for those who want to be on the spiritual path but don’t quite know where to begin.


The Rise of

Humans ~ $8.99


Three 60-Minute Lectures in this Series

Who are the “humans,” after all? Do we include Neanderthals? Denisovans? Homo Erectus? What about Australopithecines, like the celebrated “Lucy?” This fascinating series will begin by distinguishing between Hominids, the group consisting of all modern and extinct Great Apes (modern humans, chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, and orangutans and their immediate ancestors), from Hominins, the group consisting of modern humans, extinct human species, and all our immediate ancestors (yes, including Lucy, dating from some 3.2 million years ago). We’ll go on to glimpse the incredible deepening, over the last several years, of our understanding of human origins. We’ll examine several of the most intriguing debates that still energize and sometimes confound the experts. And we’ll do all this because trying to understand how we came to be has always been a fundamental part of who we are.


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