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Deepening Your Spiritual Path

Four quadrants depicting varieties of the religious impulse: Good, Bad, Ugly, and Best; includes a key to the quadrants

A model of religious and spiritual growth

On the Rim of the Sacred Wheel: infinite starting points

A four-part map of some of the key themes of the series

Basic introductions to some of the world's most influential religious and spiritual traditions; descriptions, excellences, etc.

A key illustration of some of the most important steps on the path

Diagram: Avowal & Blessing; Priest, Prophet, Healer, Sage

Drawings of possible relationships between religions: from alienation (exclusivism) to engagement (inclusivism/pluralism)

A reflection by Jim on the beautiful Buddhist teaching of the Kalyanamitra, the good spiritual friend

Brief descriptions of some of the most excellent teachings the world's religions

What to watch for as the Second Axial Age of religious and spiritual evolution unfolds (2012 Awakened World Conference)

Post Truth World

Dynamics of the Post-Truth Era - One Page Diagram

Secret Societies (NSSC, Nat'l Louis)

Graphic display of key elements of the amazing Twelfth Century Renaissance



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