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What Now? (Political / Cultural Landscape)

A map of the course's principal themes

Core groups in the American political landscape

Problem areas in our electoral system 

The Two Waves of Cultural Evolutionary Sea Change

Who says "Yes" to Cultural Evolution? Who says "No"?

Is there a reason for hope? Actually, there are ten!

12 guiding principles from Jim's book on cultural

evolution, Thriving in the Crosscurrent

A graphic map of our current political landscape (w/"Trump World")

A map of our emerging political landscape

Post Truth World

Dynamics of the Post-Truth Era - One Page Diagram

Deepening Your Spiritual Path

Four quadrants depicting varieties of the religious impulse: Good, Bad, Ugly, and Best; includes a key to the quadrants

A model of religious and spiritual growth

On the Rim of the Sacred Wheel: infinite starting points



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