The human quest for significance inspires this domain and its inquiry into the varieties of inner experience. We’ll encounter the great religious and spiritual paths, and the great philosophical questions; and we’ll explore the nature of religion, philosophy, and spirituality themselves. Whether you’re a seeker, a student of human nature, or both, you’ll find something intriguing here. (What follows is a listing of sample future lectures.)


  • The Abrahamic Sister Faiths: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

  • India: the Mother of Religions

  • The Wisdom of China

  • Philosophy and Science: the Great Questions

  • Exclusivism, Inclusivism, and Pluralism: Three Ways of Encountering Other Religions and Cultures

  • Creating Your Own Spiritual Path

Coming Up!

DEEPENING YOUR SPIRITUAL PATH August 8–29, Saturdays (4 weeks; 1 hour)
Draw from the world's great spiritual traditions as you shape or deepen a path ideally suited to you.
Aug 08, 1:00 PM CDT – Aug 29, 2:00 PM CDT


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