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Sea Change: Cultural Evolution

“Sea Change” is Jim’s term for a period of rapidly accelerating cultural evolution. Our dominant human values move slowly but steadily towards a closer fit with reality. We gradually begin to realize the illegitimacy of racism, patriarchy, homophobia, ecological abuse, and injustice, and to embrace progressive countervailing values. Once in a great while, that slow trickle of change becomes a torrent. Is our age a time of Sea Change? (What follows is a listing of sample future lectures.)


  • Thriving in the Crosscurrent—Life in a Time of Sea Change

  • Global Citizens in an Evolving World

  • After the Pandemic: What the World Might Be like

  • The Anti-Evolutionary Eddies: Destructive Resistance to Change

  • Five Reasons for Global Hope

Most Recent
Sea Change Series

Summer Spotlights (Series #3): "Cultural Evolutionary Barometers"
Summer Spotlights (Series #3): "Cultural Evolutionary Barometers"
Three upbeat 1-week presentations on: progressive cultural evolution, re-visioning our climate future, and global hope.
Jul 31, 2021, 1:00 PM CDT – Aug 14, 2021, 2:30 PM CDT
Upcoming Sea Change
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