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Sea Change: Cultural Evolution
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"Sea Change" is Jim Kenney's term for a period of rapidly accelerating cultural evolution, in which our dominant human values move toward a closer fit with reality. These presentations will explore the fascinating dimensions of cultural evolution, value shift, and progressive advance, as well as the varieties of aggressive, counter-evolutionary backlash.


The presentations you'll find here focus on the cultural, historical, and political dynamics of human societies. We'll examine the nature of society and its relation to culture, politics, and history. We'll take on topics ranging from the almost forgotten past, to the changing present, and possible futures.

Science Museum Space Exploration

In a period beset by science denial, these lectures offer grounded, thoughtful perspectives on some of the most important scientific issues and questions we should all be grappling with. The content is aimed rather at the student of the humanities than the research scientist, but all should find the presentations challenging and satisfying.

Jim Kenney

im Kenney

Tibetan Prayer Flags

The great religions and the deepest questions of philosophy all address the human search for understanding, insight, and – ultimately – significance. These programs will explore the great variety of religious, philosophical, and spiritual paths and the many ways in which they have been understood, explored, and challenged.

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